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  •  I've only been taking it a few days but my sinuses seem clearer and my throat is less sore so making progress. I don't expect an overnight cure seeing as how I've been fighting this since August and already taken 4 steroids and 4 antibiotics and still have infection. But the relief from the syrup has been comforting and I look forward to continued wellness from it. So thankful for Sam making it and sharing it!


  • This stuff is amazing! Miles, Sarah and myself were getting sick about a week or so ago. After taking this for 2-3 days we shook off whatever sickness that was coming our way and sped up Miles feeling better from his issues. Great energy boost for the day and has a unique taste to it. Don't think about it, check it out!


  • Just wanted to tell you thank you again. Got two doses in last night and woke up this morning with a baby who felt a ton better. Her nose was running like a faucet yesterday. Today almost gone. Thank you!!!!


  • My 11 year old had a hacking nasty cough that normally leads to an antibiotic, instead he took a few doses of syrup and cough is much better, nearly gone!


  • I gave my 7 year old a dose the first day I got it from you. It was more a preventive measure, but she said she did have mucus. After taking her dose she shouts, "It's a miracle, the mucus is gone!" " I feel good!" She ask for her medicine every day!


  • I've had a cold since mid December with lots of phlegm/mucus. Already have been thru a course of antibiotics, with no help and Mucinex too. This is a stubborn one, and even the nurse at Walgreens take care clinic told me that I just have to "let it run its course" and that everyone seemed to have that same problem. I've had a little more than half of the jar you gave me so far. I do see improvement, and the mucus seems to be coming up more, which is a good thing though!! And it tastes great, by the way. 


  • OMGoodness!! Sam, I've had ONE tablespoon and I promise you it's working already!! I've been dealing with sinus infections and colds since September and I feel my sinuses starting to clear up already!! Thank you!!


  • Well if I wasn't a believer before then I sure am now. I gave it to my 2 and 5 year olds that I knew had the beginning of RSV. Within 2 days gone, no running nose, no cough. Then on Saturday I felt the beginning of the flu coming on. I have been taking my three doses and and today I feel like I have turned the corner. Three days of flu symptoms and not five. I'll take that any day. And I've raised the girl's dosages as a preventative, so far it hasn't spread through the house!


  • I just brewed a cup of English breakfast tea and added a tablespoon of your elderberry syrup. HEAVEN IN A CUP!!!!


  • Samantha, the Syrup was a big hit with my kids today! I put it in our green smoothies and had them take a couple spoons of it during the day. Thanks so much!


  • I have had two days of syrup doses. For a LONG time I have suffered with thick mucus, especially first thing in the mornings. Coughing, blowing my nose and standing under hot water to clear some out. This morning I got up BREATHING clearly, not having to blow my nose. Still some mucous but WOW, not the thick awful stuff. I read the testimonies but to experience this relief after a few years of this! I am amazed. Can't wait to see what tomorrow morning will bring! Thank you SO much.


  • The first jar I got from you was for my dear friend who has recently been diagnosed with scleroderma. She went for a few years with so many symptoms before being diagnosed. One of the side effects is weakening of her lungs (I guess that would be how you would describe it). The mucus drip of course made it even more difficult. She would cough for hours at night. She started taking the syrup but doing 3 doses a day instead of 2. The last 2 nights she has slept ALL night without coughing and waking up without the mucus! Glory be to God and thank you so much for making this wonderful syrup. She's been so very ill and any relief is truly a blessing.


  • I thought surely I was going to end up in the pediatrician office with a sick baby by Monday. I gave her two doses on Friday and three on Saturday and Sunday. Her nose was like a faucet, no longer and her cough is significantly better. Christmas is saved!!!! Thank you for blessing my family with a healthy choice!


  • C and I are feeling better - we took some tonight and we both commented how we both noticed our noses stopped running and just felt better.


  • It truly helped to heal my cold symptoms. I recommend it highly!


  • I am usually so sick, I get to the point of hospitalization. But not this time!!! And my honey...trying to keep him out of the Drs office as we speak!! I demand one more jar!! Thanks!


  • A HUGE thank you to Saint Samantha Olivier Ditchendorf! My child was in need and she dropped off the most delicious elderberry syrup to cure his ailments! He is almost back to his old playful self! Thank you a million! 


  • Benjamin asked for seconds on his elderberry syrup tonight.


  • I have only used it for a week and it has already cleared up my morning phlegmy cough that I have pretty much had for a year or more! I am a forever customer!


  • Loving it it has warded off a cold already...



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